November 6, 2017

Understanding The Basic Aspects of Panchakarma Treatment in Kerala

In the field of Ayurveda treatment, there are various therapies available. There are different branches in ayurveda that have gained a lot of popularity among the masses. In this regard, Kerala has definitely played a major role. You can come across numerous resorts and ayurvedic centers in Kerala, and they are doing great job in spreading the beneficial aspects of Panchakarma treatment. It is a branch of ayurveda that helps in accomplishing a balanced state of mind and body.

Apart from helping you achieve a balance state, panchakarma treatment also detoxify your body. This is the reason why panchakarma is so much effective in healing a lot of health issues, without causing any kind of side effects. Before you start looking for the best panchakarma treatment in Kerala, let us provide you some more information about this ayurvedic therapy. It will help you understand the various aspects of panchakarma in a much better way.

What is Panchakarma?

Well, it involves five profound cleansing procedures, which are primarily intended to expel the toxins inside the body. Through this ayurvedic method of purification of body, you can get rid of the root cause of many ailments. But, before we do the panchakarma, it is vital to prepare the body first. Once the toxins are brought back from the tissues where they remain accumulated and diffused to the channels of elimination, it becomes easier to expel them through panchakarmas. Ayurvedic centers like Dharmagiri have earned a lot of excellent reviews in this regard.

Understanding the Purva karma [preparatory processes] of Panchakarma

The purva karmas of panchakarma treatment are two groups of therapies, which are known as Sneha karmas [oleation] and Swedana karmas [induced sweating].

Snehana – These therapies involves the use of oily formulations to loosen and liquify toxins. There are a wide range of ayurvedic oils, which are made from herbal ingredients. They are given internally and for external use also. The oil slowly makes it way to the deeper tissues, which in turn helps in loosening up the toxic materials stuck in the tissues.

Swedana – In this pre-process of panchakarma, sweating is induced. The purpose here is to make you sweat, which in turn adds softness to the tissues. When sweat is generated, more amounts of toxic wastes are flushed out of your body. In this way, your body gets rid of the toxins that often cause various health issues.

So, those are the two basic preparatory procedures of panchakarma. Now, these two procedures are administered through several ayurvedic therapies. Some of them are-

Abhyanga- This therapy involves massaging your body by making use of suitable medicated or herbal oil. This therapy can be performed either on the entire body or only on a certain region of your body, such as the head, arms, joints, feet, etc. The prime aim of abhayanga is to lubricate your body parts.

Shriodhara- In this ayurvedic therapy, the head region is mainly focused on. This specialized therapy can help you get rid of the ailments related to your head region. For this purpose, a stream of moderately warm oil is used, which is poured right on the mid part of your forehead, in a uniform way. This therapy is carried out for at least 30 minutes.

Pizhichil- This panchakarma therapy is quite effective in providing relief from joint pains, neurological issues, and muscular problems. In this process, lukewarm medicated or herbal oil is applied on your entire body, and soft massage is offered at the same time. It helps in reducing stress in your mind and muscles.

So, those were some of the main aspects of best panchakarma treatment in Kerala. If you want to avail the optimum benefits of panchakarma therapy, Dharmagiri can be an excellent choice.

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