July 14, 2017

The Ayurvedic Doshas

Ayurveda is a form of spiritual and physical healing that has been carried on since ancient civilizations. These ancient teachings have been passed down and can now be used today in certain well-known facilities. It requires a lifetime of teaching and learning to be able to use these healing processes correctly. This is a practice that focuses on balance and natural well-being. It is grounded in both science and spiritual aspects of healing.

This form of healing really focuses on the well-being of a person from every aspect of their being. It looks at your personal life, your spiritual life, and your physical condition. It then evaluates how all three of these interact to create an overall level of Health in your life. It’s no secret that certain mental ailments can have physical effects on our bodies. Anyone who’s ever had a panic attack or suffers from severe nerves can attest to this. Ayurveda really understands the way that every part of us interacts with every other part. It’s not just about the physical being, this is also an act of healing your spirit as well.

It’s very important to seek help from someone who has a lot of experience with this healing technique. In order for it to be effective they have to have the capability to evaluate every part of your being. The true experts lie in the best Ayurvedic Center in India. The first step to understanding the Ayurvedic technique is to understand the doshas:

Vata Doshas

One of the most basic beliefs in this practice involves the combination of the five elements within the human body. They refer to the combinations of the elements as doshas. These doshas need to be in balance in order for you to achieve your Optimum Health. If these doshas become unbalanced in any way you are in for a slew of health problems. The Vata Dosha is considered one of the most important ones in the body. It involves space and air and the way that everything in your body relates to everything else. If this Dosha is out of sync, it can cause serious problems with your heart, joints, and general mental well-being. If this dosha becomes too dominant it can actually result in problems with blood flow and the way that you digest your food. It is incredibly important to utilize diet, exercise, and an appropriate amount of rest to try and curtail the Vata Dosha before it becomes too powerful a presence in your body.

Pitta Dosha

This is the internal energy that is closely related to fire. This means it has a lot to do with your metabolism and the amount of energy that you currently have. If you’re Pitta Dosha should become out of balance, then it can cause serious issues with weight gain and hormonal imbalances. This going to have quite a bit to do with fertility and other areas of personal virility. It’s very important to balance this in order to reach your Optimum level of physical health. This can also help with high blood pressure and other diseases related to stress. It is very important to keep this Dosha at a well-maintained level.

Kapha Doshas

This refers to the energy in your body that are compiled of water and Earth. These have even more to do with weight gain than the previous doshas. The Kapha Dosha can become imbalanced when you indulge in a poor diet high in fats in processed foods. It’s very important to treat your body how you want it to treat you, and a balanced diet is part of balancing your doshas.

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