Room Categories

  • 350 sq ft spacious room
  • Sit-out with breathtaking mountain view
  • Simplistic convenience furnishing
  •  Imported special firm mattress for back support
  • Attached big bath room with hot water facility
  • Multi channel Television
  • 350 sq ft spacious room
  •  Sit-out with breathtaking mountain view
  • Imported special firm mattress for back support
  • Open to sky bath room with hot water facility
  • Individual room air conditioning
  • Multi channel Television
  •  700 sq ft spacious cottage
  • Private reading cum guest room
  •  Attached therapy room
  •  Private sit out
  •  Imported mattress for back support
  •  Independent electricity backup
  • Multi channel Television
Speciality cures

Treatment facilities at Dharmagiri

Life style diseases

  1. 1

    A natural Program to Lose upto 10% of your current weight in 4 weeks.

    Healing Benefits
    • Rapid and safe weight loss
    • Palpable boost in energy level
    • Improved muscle tone and body shape
    • Drop in bad cholesterol and increase in good one
    • Better sugar control if you are diabetic
    • Dramatic improvement in overall health and mood
  2. 2

    Freedom from Type 2 diabetes.Don’t let diabetes dictate your life.

    Healing Benefits
    • Stable control of blood sugar
    • Minimize or stop diabetic drugs
    • Marked improvement in symptoms
    • Increased energy levels
    • Improved immunity
    • Improved Cardio vascular health.
  3. 3
    Stress / Depression

    Stress Management Program.Don’t let stress wreak havoc in your body and mind.

    Healing Benefits
    • Fresh lease of energy
    • Relieve aches and pains
    • Relaxes the body and mind
    • Improves sleep pattern
    • Improves emotional stability
    • Improves overall health and immunity

Orthopedic Disorders

  1. 1

    Don’t let pain and stiffness confine your life.Control and Cure Arthritis naturally.

    Healing Benefits
    • Swift control of pain and stiffness
    • Arrests the inflammatory process
    • Rapid improvement in mobility
    • Increased energy levels
    • Improved strength of joints
    • Reverse joint damage to large extent.
  2. 2
    Neck and back pain problems

    Conquer spine problems and Regain your active life.Lasting Cure from neck pain, back pain and disc disorders.

    Healing Benefits
    • Eliminate pain and stiffness
    • Regain mobility and flexibility
    • Strengthen the back muscles
    • Repair joint damage and bone loss
    • Reverse the disease cause
    • Return to active life

Neurological Diseases

  1. 1

    Freedom from Migraine and Chronic Headaches.Don’t let Migraine derail your life.

    Healing Benefits
    • Reduction in intensity of attack
    • Reduction in frequency
    • Marked improvement in associated symptoms
    • Improved mood
    • Improved energy level
    • Regain quality of life
  2. 2
    Multiple Sclerosis

    Don’t let Multiple Sclerosis define your life.Ancient Ayurveda Therapies and Yoga Help Master MS Naturally.

    Healing Benefits
    • Improved energy level
    • Increased balance and movements
    • Improved Emotional status
    • Reduced muscle spasticity
    • Arrest / Reverse / Delay the disease progress
    • Harmonize mind, body and spirit
  3. 3

    Post Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery.Speed up and enhance recovery through Ayurveda.

    Healing Benefits
    • Speed up recovery
    • Increased mobility and flexibility
    • Improved strength
    • Improved mood
    • Control associated conditions
    • Improve mental faculties.

Beauty Spa

  1. 1
    Hair care


    Healing Benefits
    • Arrests hair fall
    • Boosts the shine and vibrance
    • Heals scalp disorders
    • Nourishes hair from roots
    • Cures dandruff
    • Enhances hair growth.
  2. 2

    Reverse your biological clock and Look and feel several years younger.

    Healing Benefits
    • Boost energy levels
    • Reverse effects of ageing
    • Enhances strength and immunity
    • Rejuvenates nervous system
    • Improves skin tone and complexion
    • Look and feel younger
  3. 3
    Skin care

    Brighten up your beauty with a glorious, radiant skin.

    Healing Benefits
    • Supple and Radiant skin
    • Even and healthy complexion
    • Heals skin disorders
    • Balances the skins pH and moisture levels
    • Exfoliates to reveal fresh skin.
    • Overall light and youthful feel