Panchakarma Detox

Panchakarma is an intensive cleansing treatment, practiced by expert healers in Kerala – the Ayurvedic hub of India – to reduce the toxic overload in the body, which could have accumulated over the decades contributed by environmental pollutants, contaminated or chemically processed foods, drugs, chemicals and pesticides, smoking, infections etc. etc

Toxins that enter the body reaches the circulation and becomes very dangerous and can even lead to toxemia. So the body immediately removes them from the circulation and move it deep into tissues like fat where it stays diffused. However as the level of toxins in the tissues build up, it starts to interfere and derange the biological and physio-chemical processes in the body leading to allergies, autoimmune disorders and myriad illnesses.

During a proper panchakarma program, these toxins are brought back to the channels of elimination and expelled through the five cleansing processes.

The term Panchkarma literally means five processes, which are

  • Vamana – Emesis Therapy or vomiting
  • Virechana – Purgation
  • Nasya – Nasal purge
  • Vasthi – Medicinal Enema
  • Raktamoksha – expelling impure blood

When the toxic overload is reduced, the body’s processes including immune system and nervous system, start performing to it’s true nature, thereby leading to healing and a higher quality of health and well being.

Panchakarma is supplemented by healing rasayana treatments to rejuvenate and help the body to settle into its innate natural rhythm.

Some of the benefits of going through the Panchakarma treatment in Kerala are:

  • Removes the root cause vulnerability to diseases.
  • Boosts your immune system.
  • Balances body’s vital systems.
  • Remove disease causing toxins.
  • Increases physical and mental efficiency.
  • Improves skin complexion.
  • Helping in shedding extra weight
  • Help alleviate insomnia, anxiety and mental problem.
  • Increases vigour and stamina
  • Increases the flexibility of joints

Ayurvedic Centers like Dharmagiri in Kerala offer this most effective treatment, executed by expert Panchakarma therapists under guidance of experienced healers.

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