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Ayurmana reviews depict the true experience of real people who have been to AyurMana | Dharma Ayurveda Centre for Advanced Healing – the celebrated abode of eminent Ayurvedic Physicians for generations – who have experienced profound healing from various challenges to their health and well being. Situated on the mesmerizing hillock in Thiruvananthapuram, Ayurmana offers serene atmosphere and surroundings that work like a magic on your mind and soul. Being one of the renowned Ayurvedic centers in India, the practitioners of Ayurmana uses ancient curative methods to heal the physical ailments.

With its proven methods and medication, Ayurmana has proved itself as one of the finest Ayurvedic treatment centers in Kerala, India. In Dharma Ayurveda, the line of treatment incorporates herbal remedies along with yoga and meditation. If you are looking forward to get an effective and lifelong cure, Ayurmana is the best that suits to your needs. The positive reviews given in the Ayurmana review section will further help you to understand why choosing Ayurmana can be beneficial for your life.

The History That It Holds

Established in the year 1965 by late Dr. D. Bahuleyan, Ayurmana has become a nurturing place where people can seek solace from the chaos of life. This Ayurvedic center is one such place where you can connect spiritually and enjoy utmost harmony. The founder Dr. D. Bahuleyan was a prominent name in the Ayurvedic fraternity in the 20th century, who has passed down this ancient healing process to his next generation.

The family of Ayurvedic Physicians use remarkable methods to heal serious conditions like disc prolapse, migraine, diabetes, neck and back problems, and more. They use specialized techniques and herbal formulations that will eradicate the issue from the core. Additionally, the medicines and the formulations used for the cure are prepared in the vaidyasala using herbs and plants sourced from the state. The process of preparation is similar to the old methods that has healed Dutch and Portuguese voyagers who had come of the shores with different diseases.

The Services That You Can Expect

Ayurmana, known for its Advanced Healing, is an ideal place to deal with your anxiety and stress demons. Being an abode of scenic beauty and lush green landscape, Ayurmana lets you have an enjoyable healing experience. The specialized techniques that are often applied to heal diseases include panchakarma, innovative marma techniques, various types of massages, herbal supplements and formulations, customized diet and lifestyle, yoga and meditation and more.

At Dharmagiri, the day starts with yoga and meditation to channelize the positive energy in the body. The basic stretching and exercise refresh your mind and speed up the healing process. The morning breeze, the chirping birds and the tranquil atmosphere awaken every sense of your body. Ayurmana reviews given by our loyal clients will further make you admire and value this Kerala Ayurvedic center in India.

The Reason To Choose Ayurmana

Ayurmana has earned its name and fame since its inception. Regarded as one of the best and finest hospital in Trivandrum, Kerala, Ayurmana has offered effective curing methods that has the power to eradicate the problem permanently. Furthermore, the review section of Ayurmana has published some of the reviews that will give you a clear picture of how choosing Ayurmana over the others benefited them.

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