October 3, 2017

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Ayurvedic Medicine

According to the 2010 study which was conducted by the Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo in Sri Lanka discovered that using different types of essential oil therapies for balancing hormones, lifestyle changes and herbal treatments on a daily basis for a period of 6 months led to 85% of the female patients overcoming Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome successfully while 75% of the patients were in a position to conceive naturally.

The Ayurveda treatment have also managed to help most women to overcome infrequent menstruation or amenorrhea, thinning hair, several immature follicles, infrequent or no ovulation and various PMS symptoms including the oily and acne skin. Here are seven reasons why you should consider using the Ayurvedic Medicine.

1. Helps in Lowering Anxiety and Stress

Since stress is related to every aspect of the overall health, Ayurvedic treatment professional might decide to use different techniques to help naturally treat depression and anxiety symptoms, rebalance the body hormones and lowering the cortisol. They can achieve this by looking for best ayurvedic center in India, using herbal treatment, yoga, skin brushing, meditation, repeating inspirational mantras and visualization.

Recent studies have also discovered transcendental meditation which is a component of Maharishi plays an important role in lowering anxiety symptoms with regular practise.

2. Lowers Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Several studies have revealed relaxation techniques and an Ayurveda diet are able to lower inflammation and reduce plaque buildup and are also capable of reversing the artery walls thickening in both healthy adults and in people with higher risks of heart disease.

3. Helps in Illness and Injury Recovery

Ayurvedic medicine is capable of helping lower the swelling and pain, improving flight inflammatory and blood flow by targeting inflammation which is known to be the root of most diseases. The Ayurveda is also known to be helpful when it comes to detoxing the body using various healthy foods, herbs, teas and plenty of rest. There are certain practises which also help in increasing circulation and functioning of liver.

4. Promotes Antioxidant- Rich Diet, Nutrient- Dense

The Ayurvedic treatment is known to mostly promote plant based diet which is filled with whole and real foods. While each of an individual’s diet depends on the needs and body type, the Ayurvedic diets for the three different dosha includes various vegetables, healthy fats, teas, protein and high antioxidant foods.
The dietary Ayurveda guidelines emphasize on consuming fresh, easy to digest and hot foods while considering the several variations that depend on an individual’s ancestry, traditions and customs.

5. Able to Help With Weight Loss and Maintenance

Though fast weight loss might not be the primary goal, Ayurvedic medicine is capable of helping someone loss excess weight using stress reduction, healthy diet and According to the 2009 study by NutriHealth Systems Center in India, adjusting an individual’s healthy diet to take into account the individual food needs and preferences helped people lose weight in an effective manner.

6. Helps with the Hormonal Balance

Most people have managed to turn to Ayurveda to help in balancing the hormones naturally, have a healthy, menstrual cycle for a long period. Several studies have revealed that various Ayurveda therapeutic effects are effective in treating suberfertility due to the PCOS.

7. Lowers Inflammation

The Ayurvedic treatment rests on the assumption that a mixture of bad digestion, poor diet and lack of enough sleep or rest and insufficient air cause oxidative stress. This will in turn result in metabolism or the three doshas. The Ayurvedic treatment focuses on using various ways of helping reduce inflammation with the hopes of regulating the circulatory and heart system.

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