Dharmagiri is one of  the lush green hillock at the environs of Trivandrum – Kerala. The center expands itself to its calm and amply facilitated cottages, inducing oneself to the serenity of nature. The space at dharmagiri is shared between you and the herbs and trees that thrive freely entwined with the surroundings, harmonizing a natural rhythm within.

Specially designed cottages exuberate, a state of spacious wellness and elegant style, making you relax to the Scenic ambience of the place. A little walk to the hilltop will lead you to the Sacred Grove where you can meditate under the gentle shades of trees.

As the aroma of the ancient herbs and the passionate care steadily works for your body; you will unwind yourself to the soothing sound of the gentle breeze and the magic of the healing hands.

Life at Dharmagiri

Arrival: The moment you step out of Trivandrum airport or Railway station, you will find our friendly driver waiting for you with your name board to receive and assist you with your bags. And on your short drive to Dharmagiri you will get a glimpse of our buzzing city as well as the peaceful and beautiful Kerala countryside.

Warm Welcome: On entering Dharmagiri you will be received by our friendly staff who will escort you directly to your room without delays. We understand you may be tired from a long flight and may just be longing for a refreshing bath or to enjoy a cup of tea, or may be just to drift off for a revitalizing nap. All check in formalities can wait.

Cuisine: Dharmagiri serves Vegetarian Ayurveda cuisine that is delicious, yet light and easy to digest. Diet requirements may vary upon the physicians recommendations. In specific cases where diet restrictions are suggested, we create a customized menu adhering to the physicians advise.

Yoga and Meditation: Yoga and Meditation sessions are offered at Dharmagiri by our experienced masters. The yoga and meditation practice is intended to support your healing process and hence your physician will be involved with the Yoga master in designing the best routine for your specific needs.

The relationship continues: Once you arrive at Dharmagiri, you are treated like a family member. It will always be our pleasure to respond to your queries at any time. We will look forward to see you again.


What They Are Saying

Speciality cures

Treatment facilities at Dharmagiri

Life style diseases

  1. 1

    A natural Program to Lose upto 10% of your current weight in 4 weeks.

    Healing Benefits
    • Rapid and safe weight loss
    • Palpable boost in energy level
    • Improved muscle tone and body shape
    • Drop in bad cholesterol and increase in good one
    • Better sugar control if you are diabetic
    • Dramatic improvement in overall health and mood
  2. 2

    Freedom from Type 2 diabetes.Don’t let diabetes dictate your life.

    Healing Benefits.
    • Stable control of blood sugar
    • Minimize or stop diabetic drugs
    • Marked improvement in symptoms
    • Increased energy levels
    • Improved immunity
    • Improved Cardio vascular health.
  3. 3
    Stress / Depression

    Stress Management Program.Don’t let stress wreak havoc in your body and mind.

    Healing Benefits.
    • Fresh lease of energy
    • Relieve aches and pains
    • Relaxes the body and mind
    • Improves sleep pattern
    • Improves emotional stability
    • Improves overall health and immunity

Orthopedic Disorders

  1. 1

    Don’t let pain and stiffness confine your life.Control and Cure Arthritis naturally.

    Healing Benefits.
    • Swift control of pain and stiffness
    • Arrests the inflammatory process
    • Rapid improvement in mobility
    • Increased energy levels
    • Improved strength of joints
    • Reverse joint damage to large extent.
  2. 2
    Neck and back pain problems

    Conquer spine problems and Regain your active life.Lasting Cure from neck pain, back pain and disc disorders.

    Healing Benefits.
    • Eliminate pain and stiffness
    • Regain mobility and flexibility
    • Strengthen the back muscles
    • Repair joint damage and bone loss
    • Reverse the disease cause
    • Return to active life

Neurological Diseases

  1. 1

    Freedom from Migraine and Chronic Headaches.Don’t let Migraine derail your life.

    Healing Benefits.
    • Reduction in intensity of attack
    • Reduction in frequency
    • Marked improvement in associated symptoms
    • Improved mood
    • Improved energy level
    • Regain quality of life
  2. 2
    Multiple Sclerosis

    Don’t let Multiple Sclerosis define your life.Ancient Ayurveda Therapies and Yoga Help Master MS Naturally.

    Healing Benefits.
    • Improved energy level
    • Increased balance and movements
    • Improved Emotional status
    • Reduced muscle spasticity
    • Arrest / Reverse / Delay the disease progress
    • Harmonize mind, body and spirit
  3. 3

    Post Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery.Speed up and enhance recovery through Ayurveda.

    Healing Benefits.
    • Speed up recovery
    • Increased mobility and flexibility
    • Improved strength
    • Improved mood
    • Control associated conditions
    • Improve mental faculties.

Beauty Spa

  1. 1
    Hair care


    Healing Benefits.
    • Arrests hair fall
    • Boosts the shine and vibrance
    • Heals scalp disorders
    • Nourishes hair from roots
    • Cures dandruff
    • Enhances hair growth.
  2. 2

    Reverse your biological clock and Look and feel several years younger.

    Healing Benefits.
    • Boost energy levels
    • Reverse effects of ageing
    • Enhances strength and immunity
    • Rejuvenates nervous system
    • Improves skin tone and complexion
    • Look and feel younger
  3. 3
    Skin care

    Brighten up your beauty with a glorious, radiant skin.

    Healing Benefits.
    • Supple and Radiant skin
    • Even and healthy complexion
    • Heals skin disorders
    • Balances the skins pH and moisture levels
    • Exfoliates to reveal fresh skin.
    • Overall light and youthful feel